"I'm here now" T-shirt project



In April 2018, as part of our Design Contest I realized this sketch for a T-shirt about being present while walking or standing with other people.

(Note: We should put “Humane Technology Community” on the back instead of “Centre for Humane Technology”)

What do you think?

This design is now official part of our Awareness Program (specifically as a deliverable of the Goodies campaign).

See the detailed description here: “I’m Here Now” T-Shirt Deliverable

Is anyone with skills/resources interested in turning this into real t-shirts?

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Goodies: Promotional materials for the Humane Tech Community
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Wishing everyone a very Happy and (Tech) Healthy 2019 :star2:

It looks great! There are many companies offering T-shirt customization services online. If there’s a budget then this can be done as part of the merchandise. Again funding is essential!

"Memories of a bartender" awareness video project

Yes, this is a great design! However, I think we can (and should) realize this without funding. Therefore in the deliverable I added following requirement:

Payment should be arranged by the orderer and the company, without involvement of the community as intermediary.

Note: We’ve had a lot of discussion about funding the community, which needs a lot of attention, and having a better, more organized foundation as prerequisite (the preparations which you’ve also mentioned in other threads).


Teespring would be a no-brainer. These would sell like hot-cakes.


Great, thank you @loundy! We could make an account at Teespring.com as CHT and upload it. What do you think @aschrijver and @MelodyLiu?


Teespring looks quite good, I agree. But there are many, many other providers as well. I don’t think it will harm to make a shortlist of the best ones and compare on price and features (and requirements outlined in the deliverable.

What I like is that Teespring allows to collect ‘profits’ on top of the standard T-shirt price. If we make an account, it would be a HTC (not CHT) one, and we have no way to collect profits (no bank account). We can either have:

  • Minimum prize, no profits
  • Add profits, and donate to a cause of our chosing

The second option can be combined with campaining e.g. by selecting a monthly / bi-monthly organization we like to support and donate profits to. By doing this strategically we can forge nice cooperations and partnerships.


I created this topic for editing the shortlist of preferred webshops: Humane tech apparel webshop list (editable)


When we get this project to a state where actual T-shirt can be ordered, then we should also add a page to the Community Website presenting this fact, and from where people can start the order. Should be a page that continues to be available, and to which we can add other orderable stuff once we have that.

I created an issue for that in the website repository:


I think teespring it’s the best option for a webshop suitable for HTC needs. I tried to signup with my personal account, it all seems to work smoothly. What do you think? How are we going to advance? Would we need a HTC teespring account?


Hi Michele.

I am hesitant. First of all because of the ethical issues, and I just noticed they have 16 (!) trackers on their website. One problem with non-humane tech is that everyone keeps using it (see: I was wrong about Google and Facebook: There is nothing wrong with them).

Am of the opinion that we should give a good example here, and select a more ethical HT candidate, even if that means we do not have the best features. In that case our orders help support them. If they are really good HT-wise we could even consider donating (some of) the ‘profits’ - if there are any - to them and forge a really good partnership relation, get sponsorships/rebates later on.

PS. I saw one of our members post 2 other candidates, but then deleting the message. They were Printful and Printify and I added them to the wiki post.


Hi Arnold, ok, I’ll keep on searching for more ethical candidates, starting from the two new entries.


I also sent out a request for candidates on Twitter here and on Mastodon here and on our LinkedIn group. Please retweet, like for greater exposure :slight_smile: