I Worked on Political Ads on Facebook. They Profit by Manipulating Us..

The author Yael Elsenstat a former fb election integrity chief and US government officials basically says that allowing deceptive, false or misleading content in political ads on fb the biggest social media platform aggravate the political malaise, polarization, breakdown in civil discourse, chaos etc. that we experience today not only in the US but worldwide thus a threat and harming democracy evermore. I agree with the author’s perspective. "In the year leading up to our 2016 election, I began to see the polarization and the breakdown of civil discourse, exacerbated by social media, as our biggest security threat. I had written about it before facebook called. I didn’t think I was going to change the company by myself. But I wanted to help facebook think it through the role it plays in politics, in the United States and around the world, and the best way to ensure it is not harming democracy. https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2019/11/04/i-worked-political-ads-facebook-they-profit-by-manipulating-us/

^Gated content, would be interested to hear your read on this or is this an article you wrote? Why the post here? Some context would be helpful…

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