Disinformation "Fake news"

I am interested in researching the broader social and psychological impact of the spread of disinformation on social media: e.g. reality apathy, depression, anger and anxiety. If anyone is working in this area please let me know.
Here is an excellent report by CB Insights that summaries the techniques, technologies and some current efforts to combat misinformation. Worth reading if you are interested in the topic.


You may find it interesting (or detestable) but I run a website about exactly this subject… disinformation.

It is still in it’s infancy, but it is functional enough to start to understand what web-based disinformation is.

The Associated Press (AP) is the largest producer of disinformation on the planet.

I do need to apologize for the ugliness of it’s DNS routing. ‘Disinformation Info’ is a subdomain of http://13eyes.com and I have encountered difficulty getting DNS to route properly. I may just start again from scratch and built it anew so it doesn’t appear shady like a redirect can.

The countries of sub Saharan Africa had elections and after facebook removed over 150 accounts belonging to 50 people (some had a few accounts, fake persona and a few “pages” also them) because they were all purposefully made by a firm that was hired to sway the elections…

So they pretend to make a statement from a candidate, get the statement falsely attributed to the candidate, its in the press and media runs away with it, by the time elections is over no one has proof anything from facebook is true, yet the voters believe it without questioning it.

Maybe democracy will be destroyed by this if people are dumbed down enough.