How would you Design a Humane Social Platform?

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Below are number of options to choose from when creating a social network application, divided into separate categories.

Financing Options:

  1. Free
  2. Sponsored
  3. Crowdsourced
  4. User Pays with Personal Data
  5. User Pays by Subscription
  6. One-time Payment Fee
  7. Free with the option to upgrade service with subscription

Privacy Options:

  1. Pseudonymity (e.g. Register a User ID)
  2. Anonymity (No registration)
  3. Non-anonymous registration (Real names)

Security Options:

  1. Confidentiality (Vendor stores credentials, hashed password)
  2. Shared/Public Key Cryptography (keys are exchanged, used for authentication)

Hosting Options:

  1. Centralized
  2. Federated (decentralized, mutliple servers synchronise data between clients)
  3. Peer-to-Peer (each connected device is both a client and a server)

User Interface:

  1. Native app UI
  2. Standard Web Browser

Content creation / access:

  1. Allow bots and humans
  2. Allow humans only

Content feeds:

  1. Algorithmical ordering (e.g. Twitter, FB)
  2. Time-based ordering (e.g. Mastodon)

Feed navigation:

  1. Paged
  2. Endless scrolling
  3. Search


  1. Provide “Likes” and “Notifications” stimulus
  2. Group Members transmit communications.

Yes, that is interesting. You want to create sort of a menu card of choices you can make when creating a social media platform?

You could mark your post as a ‘wiki post’, so everyone can edit and extend the list.

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Good Idea
What is the required procedure? I can’t find the Tools menu.

It is a Wiki now… you have to press the elipsis icon below the post, then the tools icon and select ‘Make Wiki’ in the menu. Now in topright corner there is a small orange edit icon.

I’m the CEO & co-founder of a humane social platform called The outline is helpful. Each bullet point is a massive design challenge. This is my favorite topic to explore!

At, I know we’re building a humane social platform because:

  • The primary functionality of the app (the core user experience) is reading. Good old-fashioned reading. We help people to read online news in the same way that they read books - focused, for some time, on single, long pieces of text.
  • Reading is a beautiful thing. It makes people smarter, happier and healthier. It’s exercise for your brain; the more you do it the better you get.
  • Deep reading (real reading) is on the decline, and someone needs to do something about it!
  • We have no feed! The feed is the evil of the internet, a video game that addicts you to a loop of liking and sharing stuff. FB, twitter, reddit - all have the same core functionality. Addict to feed, harvest info, sell ads in feed, repeat.
  • We have no moderators and no human curation of any kind. Nobody can influence the list of articles that we all read together.
  • In our community, people are much nicer to each other in the comments because it’s not possible to comment on articles you haven’t read.

We’re a community of readers trying to make the internet (and our brains) a little bit better. Feed your head! (iOS app coming very soon)


Hello Bill

This is a very worthwhile endeavour and I applaud you for your commitment. I am subscribed to Medium where I am presented with a lot of good writing on diverse topics. You might consider using a WebSonar Library to serve your members, that way you can avoid the expense of creating an app. The library owner creates two passwords for the library, one for the admin and another for the members; uploaders, Your members would convert articles they want to submit to pdf and then upload them to the library, that way the content remains consistent and readers are not tracked. Comments can be added to every page and searched. You can obtain a free library at



Very interesting! I poked around for a few minutes, but I’m not sure I understand how/why to get involved. Basically, what kind of stuff should I “share” here and why?

PS Lovin’ He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother :wink:

WebSonar Libraries provide a platform for sharing that does not require users to trade their privacy. The service is free with an option to contribute a small monthly commitment of $5.00 for the use of one hosted Library, but this is strictly voluntary. There is no limit to the number of participants in a library group. Each group member can be provided with the upload password by the library owner so they can contribute content as well as participate in the exchange. You can set the access to your content to private or public. If it is set to private visitors will require the upload password to browse the content. Use the Comments link for discussion.

You also have the option of providing your own server

Here is a sample of over 3000 great reading documents served from one library…

You would simply select a vacant library and follow the instructions to add your credentials and avatar then send an invite to your members something like this…

I am in the process of setting up a library for my family. I just added a video instruction for uploading PDF files from iOS devices.

This is the info I sent to my siblings…

Hello Siblings

Now that my sunset is approaching the horizon I thought we might start a family album that we could all contribute to. I have created a sample library with some content that you can check out at

I was thinking you likely have some old pictures of mom, dad and the early family that could be scanned and uploaded to get started.

Visitors can view the library from any web browser.

Contributors (family) can upload documents and

Administrators (Password: adminpassword) can upload 10 slides for the home page slide show, replace the Avatar (willis) and delete files.

Everyone can add comments.

Browse the library…

Tap Bud & Marie’s Family to upload files…

Uploaders credentials

Name: bemister Password: uploadpassword