How Do We Stop Technology Addiction?

I recently wrote a piece on Medium about the problems our society needs to address with technology addiction. Would love any feedback or just a clap if we’re on the same page!


There’s a few option:

  • Switch off the WIFI at home. Switch off all gadgets and electronics at night (at least before you go to sleep, better a few hours before that. ) (Google EHS /EMF /EMR when in doubt)
  • Inform yourself about schools that emphasise personal development such as Waldorf and Montessori.
  • Meditation. (look inside instead of outside for the big answers)
  • You might go on a Digital Detox Retreat.
  • Dance… Nothing makes you more aware of your inability to connect with other humans and the bright side inside yourself than seeing your limitations vis-a-vis a good dancer.

Hello All,

I use Freedom App since two weeks and it works quite well. Easy to program.

Wisely, maybe one of the directions of our community would be to promote interventions in schools in order to explain to teachers, parents and kids that technology is not neutral. As we teach kids how to eat, we have to teach them how to live with devices. No ?

Dr Adam Alter on quitting behavioral tech addiction.

I’d suggest that they be more mindful about how they are allowing tech to invade their life. Next, they should cordon it off. I like the idea, for instance, of not answering email after six at night.

In general, I’d say find more time to be in natural environments, to sit face to face with someone in a long conversation without any technology in the room. There should be times of the day where it looks like the 1950s or where you are sitting in a room and you can’t tell what era you are in. You shouldn’t always be looking at screens.

From my view we need to get to the intermediaries In of this issue which are the adults of influence in children’s lives. They are the teachers, parents and others of influence. Training mental health professionals can also have a huge impact, since they are seeing the direct behavioral consequences of technology dependence or addiction. from my experience they are also unaware of the subtle changes in behavior being orchestrated, as well as the changes in the brain resulting from the constant barrage of over stimulation and violent content. I’m currently training on the impact of technology on substance use, anxiety, depression, violence and suicide. The response has been amazing and, at the same time frightening at the lack of awareness of many professionals.


It is now as clear as daylight the harmful effect of the smart phone in its present form and design and social media both are addictive and can caused anxiety, depression and low self esteem may even lead to suicide if the users especially young people are not aware of the harmful effects of the technology they are using. By and large the users are left by the tech companies to their own devices. It is now time for the consumer to put pressure in various forms to those tech companies creating this mess to clean their acts or loss our support as consumers. Yes it is a tool that billions of people are using which has a lot of useful features too. What is worrying here is billions of people do not know the negative part of the technology.and it takes time to inform the masses about the issue that concerns them. The mental health issue specifically. It is the moral obligation as well as the responsibility of the tech companies to mitigate the harmful effect of its products.

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Step 1: We admitted we were powerless over “…” —that our lives had become unmanageable.

12 step programs…

Technology is a tool and only a tool… NOT the answer for anything.

@scottgreer! This article was great. And this site is a huge inspiration for me. I find technology to be so distracting – particularly cell phones and social media. I love the tips on here.

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