Help! I just took on largest school district in Colorado

Please consider signing a petition I created to get a Colorado school district to take notice and begin to discuss the the issue of smartphones at school.

I could really use ANY HELP AT ALL!!!

No Cell Phones In JeffCo Middle Schools - Remove The Distraction - Be The Educated Adult

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Hey great job, good luck for it. I just have one bit of feed back, not sure if you want any… but if there’s a chance to edit it - I wouldn’t say ‘we know kids have no impulse control’, I’d say something like we know kids don’t have fully developed impulse control, or something along those lines… but nit picking, it’s awesome, great effort, I hope it has an impact. I noticed NSW today are considering banning them, hopefully other states/countries take note of that too…

Yes, good initiative the petition!

But could you explain what the relevancy is to mention Columbine High in the title?
I am not a US citizen, but the title sounds a bit like clickbait to me. Correct me if I am wrong, and otherwise please edit it to something more appropriate :slight_smile:

Hi Aschrijver, Its a good question. While my post might seem to be strictly related to smartphone policy, the conversation tends to gravitate to school culture, mental health resources and funding school programs.

I would suggest this - schools that have endured a significant crisis have an additional need to monitor to school climate/ culture, interpersonal communications, and mental health wellness programs - for multiple reasons. And other regions sometimes look at schools like Columbine to see what programs and policies are put in place after a tragedy strikes to learn about success and/or trends and research.

Some of our primary school kids will feed into Columbine… these likely include children of Columbine students - who are not spared by the conversation we are all having as it relates to smartphone policies.

Bottom line - Any kind of new program or policy that incorporates Columbine would most definitely help our overall effort to get a nationwide mental health conversation going.

Again, great question. I will consider how this could deflect or derail the effort in my future posts… but as it relates to this bulletin board… I’m not sure I have the ability to change something that was previously posted. Hope this helps, and thank you for your support and insight.

FYI - below is a recent article about Columbine High School and changes made since the tragedy. School mental health staff are needing more change and “the biggest obstacle to making these changes”…would be “a lack of funds and the availability of people”.

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Hi Julie, that is an excellent point and it serves as a reminder of how valuable professional peers are. Thank you - we have an ethical obligation to keep these kinds of things in check.

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