CALL TO ACTION by Dec. 9! Help Protect Kids Data in School

Please act on this rare opportunity to influence US laws protecting data collected on students 12 and under. The Federal Trade Commission is asking for public input on how to shape COPPA - the Child Online Privacy and Protection Act. Right now, no specific COPPA protections exist around collection, storage, getting parental permission, etc. of student data. Getting COPPA right is crucial, not only in the near term as digital identities are created on every student, but toward a future when artificial intelligence is used more and more for tasks such as facial recognition, behavioral surveillance, etc. Whether you are a technologist, parent, activist, or combination thereof, FTC rulemakers need to hear from YOU. And it’s easy! Just fill in the box before the deadline on December 9. Box and more info here: []

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Thanks for this timely notice @JJmad I left some thoughts there

It sounds like some large tech company is trying to influence the FTC to change the regulation to not require parental consent for smart speakers.

By the way, I went and scrolled through the 150,000+ existing comments, and pretty much 100% of the ones I saw were anti-COPPA posters saying COPPA is killing their YouTube business. About 80% of those were in Spanish and at least half were anonymous.

Yes @penmanship, you gave the Federal Register a close read. There is far more to comment on than kids’ school data. Fantastic if FTC could get feedback on any of their areas of interest. Actually interesting reading:

I was told FTC will likely sort comments by interest area. Hoping that the relatively fewer comments about school issues will stand out!

I wonder if speaking spanish in the US is a crime against white folks? Just my thoughts.We need badly here the opinion, thoughts and insights from all stakeholders and communities affected by tech. All voices should be heard.

Not a crime. Just not what I was expecting.

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OP posted this a month after comments closed. Jumping to conclusions but seems like clickbait to push humanetech traffic to her blog. Dirty pool.