The California Consumer Privacy Act is coming up for a vote in the California State Legislature

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The California Consumer Privacy Act will be voted on in the next handful of days.

If you live in California and you care about privacy, you can give your representative a call and ask them to support it using this tool:


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Thanks, Sandy. And a little more about the bill: CCPA (AB 375) will make California the first state to give consumers online control over their personal information so that they can better protect their privacy, with special protections for kids under 16. Hoping to get as many calls on this piece of legislation as we can before a critical Thursday deadline.

California residents: feel free to use this campaign tool which can connect you directly to your legislator:

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Just would like to add some Hacker News discussions on articles related to the topic:

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It’s real!! It’s a beginning- it’s grassroots and just the beginning of a justice movement. Picket lines begin with a seed of hope and California is a strong state supporting civil rights, so I have no doubt this is the beginning of something bigger.