Hall of Shame: AI-based Job Interview software

Another example of AI dystopia that is almost fully on top of us: The use of AI on the jobs market!

(First wanted to post this to Examples of what is coming to us in the near future, but this dystopic software is in use today)

Multiple AI-based softwares are already applied to analyse people during their job interview. And - as some very basic research clearly demonstrates - this does not work as it should. It also highlights the fact that people easily place a lot of trust in automated systems.

What the research showed among others is that:

  • Choice of background greatly influences your chance to land the job (hint: show a bookcase in the back)
  • How you are dressed is similarly important (hint: do not wear your glasses during the interview)
  • Even the lightning/brightness of the video is important (hint: brigther is better)

I think the best you can do with AI software like that is flush it down the drain, and - importantly - strongly discourage anyone that considers using this stuff!