Letting Tech Firms Frame The AI Ethics Debate is a Mistake

Ethical AI

I have created the new Humane Design > Ethics category to start collecting information on this important topic. Ethics in tech will become much more important in the future, than they are now, and both the CHT and this community will be involved in developing and advocating Ethical Frameworks that can be applied to hold our future tech in check.

This specific topic is for collecting information on Ethics and its relation to Artificial Intelligence, or Ethical AI (also called Responsible AI).

But I will start to share a list (that I just added to awesome-humane-tech) of clearly unethical and outright dystopian applications of AI that are on the rise currently:

It should be clear that leaving it to the tech companies to develop this technology is unresponsible:

Citizens and lawmakers need to be more proactive about setting the AI agenda—and doing so in a manner that includes the voices of the marginalized.

“We can and should be doing more to identify AI biases as they crop up–and to stop the implementation of biased algorithms before people are harmed. After years of sitting in the back seat, it’s high time that governments and citizen groups took the wheel.” (by Robert David Hart, @Rob_Hart17)