Facebook Expands Definition of Terrorist Organization to Limit Extremism

“Facebook said it had mostly focused on identifying organizations like separatists, islamist militants and white supremacists. It said it would consider people and organizations that engage in attempts at violence towards civilians as terrorists, as opposed to its old ways of defining terrorism by focusing on violent acts intended to achieve political or ideological goals” https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/17/technology/facebook-hate-speech-extremism.html

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I realized now that white supremacist issue in the western countries is not much a controversial topic perhaps a lot of people considered it just a normal thing, just part of life. Perhaps non-western countries must go back to their roots where matter about race is not an issue at all.

^ there is no part of this post that is accurate. In the non western countries such as the 79 muslim countries minorities have no rights, their roots have been made illegal (ask egyptian copts or turn on tv and learn what kurdistan is). Western society accepts islamic barbarism for far longer and far deeper into so called high society. I have been off of facebook for many years and before I left the plo official government site had a cartoon gas pedal with the words in arabic “The Accelerator Is Your Weapon - Run Over Jews And Go To Paradise - Your Family Gets Stipend Forever” and that is not racist.

The finger points on both sides. I don’t like facebook so I don’t use it, good enough for me, but to pretend nazi’s of today are the only bigots in usa / england / france is disingenuous to the reality of modern hate crime, specifically the victims but giving the brown perpetrators a pass and wagging the finger at only the white ones is, by my definition, racist or at least extremely prejudiced and indicative of the multicultural point of view that has become so popular now, as long as your culture passes the rubric.

Lol please go to pakistan or china and tell me how “race is not an issue at all”. Anyone with even a powerful enough telescope can see that is not the case.

Racism in China is of different variety It didn’t reach to the point that it lead to mass murders or extreme racism. Western racism is a different kind it is of different degree and intensity it dehumanized and cheapened human beings and all schemes and names of discrimanations are being device but to put it simply they are still white racism. And the important characteristics of this kind of racism are the threat of violence is always there and real murder or mass murders happens often.