Color of Change campaign for Shareholder Pressure on Facebook re: white nationalism and violent extremism


The movement for humane technology must also address the spread of violent extremism, white nationalism, white supremacy and racism inherent in algorithms and ad filtering. The Color of Change is working on these issues and is launching a campaign to press FB shareholders to press for change. Click here for more details on the campaign.

Here is an excerpt:
"Time and time again, we’ve seen this concentration of power have harmful consequences for Black users and workers. For example:

  • In 2015, it took Color Of Change and multiple civil rights groups to get Facebook to partially address hate, threats, and doxxing - the posting of private identifying information for the purpose of harassment - of Black activists.
  • In 2016, Facebook deactivated the livestream of Korryn Gaines — a distraught woman who was filming the police as they confronted her in her apartment. When Facebook cut the livestream, police shot her to death in front of her son.
  • In March of this year, the live video of the white supremacist massacre at Christchurch mosques in New Zealand spread across Facebook.
  • News reports from this April confirmed that the Facebook-owned messenger, WhatsApp, is enabling the spread of Nazi imagery in Germany — a country where Nazi imagery is outlawed.
  • In 2016, journalists found that Facebook was excluding Black and Hispanic users from seeing housing and employment advertisements. It took until 2019 and numerous lawsuits, for Facebook to finally take steps to address the unlawful exclusion of Black people from housing, credit and employment advertisements on the platform.
  • Despite the recent appointment of the company’s first Black woman board member — who recently worked at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, raising concerns that she is not independent — Black employees continue to report an anti-Black workplace culture, one in which “there is often more diversity in [slide show] presentations than the teams who present them.”2

This is where diversity comes in. Humanetech community contributors should come from various sectors, regions, countries, etc. as much as possible. Because the more diverse we are the more we know the various perspectives and concerns of various groups. And have a holistic view of the problem and solution that we face with regards to tech. This is a global concern that needs global solution. We need to find ways to attract more members that truly represents those peoples affected by the negative effects of tech worldwide.

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Yes, I agree. The problem won’t be fixed until there is diversity in the people offering solutions. For people of color experience social media threats in different - and often more severe - ways.

At the Toda Peace Institute, we have commissioned 15 policy briefs and case studies from 15 different countries to document the impact of social media on polarization and conflict dynamics in local communities. I’ll post those policy briefs here on this forum. Past policy briefs can be found here:

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Facebook has only accelerated the uprising of conservatives and right-wing forces, but Facebook is not the cause. Historical and political processes in the world are responsible for this. And if Facebook becomes sterile left, this means that pretty soon there will be a another “Facebook” with the right ideology. like CNN and FOX.


and first Black woman board member is not enough or enough?

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There are web sites that promotes white extremism, white supremacist and white nationalism. These sites are incubator of violent acts like what happened in New Zealand. Why the authorities not shutdown these kind of sites? Freedom of speech? People are dying. As long as these sites exist we will see more of the same thing in the future. They are important factor to be addressed in dealing with this sort of extremism. Large platforms like facebook, youtube are at least doing something but having some difficulty in dealing with this issue.


I think it is deeper and more general problem of our modern society. There are plenty of websites that promotes for example Islamic extremism and which helps recruit soldiers for their war. Much more people are dying and a lot of people in Africa live under horrible and for us unimaginable terror of those groups. If you shut down one site today there will be two more tomorrow. Government insane surveillance of every single person like in China can partly solve this problem… but nobody at least on this forum wants this. A lot of people on this forum wants to stay anonymous and act without constant surveillance. Freedom and privacy has dark sides and we have to find reasonable balance. Fight against extremism was abused many times by our governments and it seems that step by step we are loosing our freedom and privacy.
We do not have effective mechanism how to deal with any kind of extremism and internet a digital world just amplifies our issues in real world. Incubators of violent are exist in real world as well, internet just help them be more effective, global and really fast. And I agree with you we have to fight with any kind of extremism and try to find effective way how to deal with that without loosing our freedom and privacy. And of course all of us know that fighting against any kind of extremism is not highest priority for tech companies and certainly is not something what brings profit for tech giants.