Facebook banned my event called “Is Social Media Good for Democracy?”

Funny you mention this - I work with a new edtech startup called Parlay Ideas. We are a live discussion app for classrooms. One of our most popular discussion prompts is regarding ‘Social Media and Society’. I sat in on one of these discussions with a class of grade 10 students and was impressed at how much better of a grasp they have on the effects of social media than even most adults understand.

You will be happy to know that classrooms around the world are starting to have these discussions :slight_smile:.

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Yes, it’s the closed system nature that really makes it problematic. The line between a private company’s policy enforcement and public censorship gets easily blurred.

Why you complaining? Who has the most shares of company is the owner, they making rules. They can just completely delete your profile if you going to be very noisy

I was referring to the version of Facebook which is available to people who live in Russia. It is based in Moscow. Every post is scanned by the FSB. These were the conditions Putin insisted on if Facebook were to operate in Russia starting 5 years ago. There is no sense of freedom of expression or freedom of the press in the Russian edition of Facebook. Sort of like the Chinese version of Facebook. Facebook claims it is beholden to the concepts expressed in our constitution, such as free speech, but that is only in the US. And, of course, if Facebook really has 2 Billion users, less than 10% of those users are in the United States. That was what I meant by Facebook.ru

Yes, you are experiencing censorship and we will all see more of this as the ruling class feels threatened by more and more people’s spiritual awareness. As many people there may be who dissociate and alienate from others, there are those who want to connect, open up the conversation to discuss issues,solve problems and learn from others.in a civilized fashion. Facebook is being pressured by the ruling class who view free conversation and people coming together a threat. This is why we remain so divided as a country. It is all instigated. Humans are not normally this way. Read the book, The Fall by Steve Taylor.

Facebook like all businesses is not a democracy. Most don’t practice democratic decision-making. Their focus is on ego driven profits and this makes them (and us) susceptible to Fascism. It is up to us to push back, to seek higher spiritual guidance and to work together at the local, regional, national and global levels to solve humanity’s problems. Reach out to those who resonate with you and try to connect with those you may disagree with. Compassion and connection is key.

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I think that we need freedom and security in our conversations .
We are talking about strategic movements for CHT and for SF Chapter , and we need absolutely privacy guaranteed.

Facebook time is over.

I suggest to quit Facebook , I will do it in any case

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so you will not gonna use any social network?

No, I am in Liinkedin from their start up, and in my case it is very useful.
But I have control of my publications and my contacts.
I use it very few to conversation , we have other tools for that.
Ok, thats my personal position From long time ago I put in my website "I dont use Facebook for strategic reasons" www.hrbusiness.com.ar
Some peolple years ago said to me “you are crazy” Yes , probably I`m crazy…but from those years I was clear that Facebook was not an strategic option for me.

I think that cames a time that we have to take options according with our message to the world.
In every case, I respect all points of wiew, but I answered Will Mattei question

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Your site is awesome, Alfredo!

Can you share the following details:

  1. Who is your web designer?
  2. How did you come up with the structure for the site?
  3. Who are the other contributors to the site?
  4. How long did it take you to build, and what applications did you use?

Wow @patm !!!
I cant reply number 4 , I need to talk with my designer to give the complete information. In nexts days Ill give the details.
It was a satisfactory process !!!
Have a great day

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Good thinking Maggielmcg . Even if FB is probably onto a massive overcontrolling media plan , we have to realise that nowadays anything labelled politically ,as democracy here, is somehow censured…makes you realise that the real debate is not political but social?

There are so many other alternatives to FB !
Linkedin , Pinterest (say it visually with that latter) and instagram that unfortunately may change quick as it is owned by FB anyway😏

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About www.hrbusiness.com.ar

1- My web designer is Mariano Moreno , founder of M2studio
2- The structure came up from the contents . In this point it`s a pleasure to work witn Mariano. We talked a lot about the message of the site . Because of that ,apart of the sections, I wanted to have a sequence of images with an idea in each one , to buid up that “message” We have several meetings to select the images and music , that I considered the deep word I want to say , further my control… A construction between Mariano , me and each vistor.
3- Mariano and me.
4-In two weeks Mariano developed the website , but I started several months before thinking about main ideas , writing the texts of the sections , and interchanging with Mariano the possible images.
Mariano used as software Sublimetext3,and the applications used were HTML5/CSS3, PHP5.2, MYSQL.

That`s the way we build up the webiste.

The site has warmth and appeal; plus large ideas. Good job :slight_smile:

Nice to know about Mariano Moreno and M2studio. I will have to look them up.

You can find him in:



skype: mmoreno_bsas

Feel free to contact him

All the best for everyone

Mark Weinstein, the founder of MeWe.com, posted this announcement about Facebook’s banning discussion of MeWe.

@willmattei @ferj I realize this is from a while ago, but I’m just seeing it now. Absurd! Did you ever find out why this happened? Or get any info from Facebook? (Did Roger McNamee get involved?) I’d love to know how this ultimately unfolded. Nuts!!

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This action may well be caused by the relationship to Roger McNamee. Being a first-time investor of FB he has since been its biggest critic by far, for years and years. Remember Cheryl Sandberg ordering investigations about George Soros last November, and it became one of their many scandals? Shows that FB is actively trying to suppress their critics, and in this regard Roger may be high on their list.

Note, I say may. It would be interesting to see if this is indeed the case, by trying it out. Create some more FB post that refer to Roger McNamee and see what happens :slight_smile:

@loundy Facebook quietly reinstated our event after a journalist we know reached out to them about the matter. We aren’t sure if the timing of the reinstatement was coincidental or not.


What happened to your post was not surprising. Just recently the ads of Senator Elizabeth Warren that advocate the break up of Tech monopoly like Google, Facebook and Amazon was blocked but after it was reported by the media, it was reinstated. Monopoly is the real problem here all the others are just background noise. What is power for?