Exploring the possiblity of a Center for Humane Technology conference or convening

I’ve been thinking hard about how to be a part of face-to-face conversations about some of the most important ideas, insights we share about on this forum. I recently proposed an online book group, but honestly I find my own suggestion ironic and in truth believe that face to face is the way in which we as real, three dimensional human beings can have the kind of exploration and discourse that is so urgently needed.

I would gladly pay and travel to attend such a gathering, and I’d be happy to participate in thinking through sessions. There are authors I’d love to hear from and have present with us, but if that’s not realistic then I’m sure we can have very valuable discussions using their work and our own thoughts and experiences as a jumping-off point.

As I finish reading Clint Black’s Messing with the Enemy: Surviving in a Social Media World of Hackers, Terrorists, Russians and Fake News - a book I learned from another forum members (thanks @spiritofernie), I have such a feeling of wanting the value of discussion on this and other books and resources. Are there others who would be interested? Would CHT be interested?

Thanks for considering this idea.


Lovely idea, @khkey. I would be interested in attending such a conference, but I live in Hawaii. If you all would consider coming here, I could maybe help with the event. The University of Hawaii, where I work, has a special office that helps with conference planning.

That’s a great idea and an appealing option - I know it’s relatively easy for West Coast folks to get to Hawaii but I’m in Washington DC - I know Southwest is going to start flying for the continental US later in 2018 or early in 2019, and I’ve got a ton of points I’d be happy to use to fly there then… I also heard from a forum member in the Bay area who’s interested, and so I think we may want to see if we get a small number of folks who are all interested and jump on a call. Thanks for replying - I’ll keep you posted

Thanks to all who have responded to the initial post. I am currently conferring with fellow SF Chapter folks regarding the creation of a conference of sorts that would be sanctioned and supported by the CHT organization, ideally here in the Silicon Valley - Ground Zero. I would love to participate in a phone call in the very near future!

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As the person who proposed the idea I’m thrilled that others are interested, and that the SF Chapter is discussing this - I’d be happy to jump on a conference call when you all are ready. I’ve overseen the creation of dozens of national convenings professionally, so I can offer some insights there, plus I am very interested in exploring the content with others. Perhaps we can talk at some point in the coming weeks?


Hey! Love the idea - please include me on the upcoming call as I’ve already started the discussion around this here in Chicago.


Will do - thanks for starting the discussion where you are!

I live in Redwood City in the SF Bay Area and would love to be included in any meetups/conference calls.


Let me know!

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I grew up in an extremely remote community in Northern Canada. I learned from my mother who was always very active that while skype, calls, emails, etc. are great, there is still nothing that compares to a face-to-face meeting. She would travel 8 hours several times a year to the nearest city in order to build and maintain strong relationships with her business partners and she was convinced that there is immense power in real human interaction. For this reason an international conference sounds like a great idea.:slightly_smiling_face:

I’m based in Toronto and have recently joined this group. Would love to learn more about how you all have started building your chapters so that maybe we could get one started here (if Toronto doesn’t already have one?).

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This is a great idea and I would love to contribute in any way that I can! As we start to solidify some ideas and logistics, I would be happy to head a team of individuals in putting together an East Coast conference in New York City, so as to cover both ends of the country.

If this be the case, I think it would be a great idea for NYC and SF, as well as Chicago, to collaborate with one another all the same. Let’s get this train a’ rollin!


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Great idea. How to connect with the SF Chapter folks on this? I work at Stanford on research and events around human sciences and technology, and would love to be involved.

Glad you’re interested - that’s excellent - and your work sounds fascinating. I’m in touch with the SF Chapter folks and we’re trying to figure out a date / time to meet in early August, as I’ll be in the Bay area then (I’m based in DC). If that’s happening I’ll let you know - if we end up with a call instead, I’ll let you know that as well. So glad to have you involved!


please keep me informed i write anti tech poetry google my my name i used to be a big time hacker paul f renda


Again, I am thrilled to see the extent of interest in Karen’s idea. I will keep the above dates open for the potential meetup in the Bay Area. For those who wish to learn more about the SF Bay Area Humane Tech group you can find us here:


Also, I would like to participate in a conference call - @khkey would you care to take the lead here? Thanks!

Hi John and all - I’d be happy to rotate the role of organizing any calls, but am swamped with projects at the moment and it would be great if someone else could coordinate the first one. I run a solo consulting practice and so when things are hopping I’m pretty slammed. That said, this is important to me - I’m hoping someone else can do this round and I’d be happy to rotate in to organizing a call a bit further on.

Hello @khkey! No problem - I’ll take the lead here. I would like to suggest we target Wednesday July 25th 5:00 PM Pacific time. Does this work for you? And @willmattei @ferj @JSlote?

I can’t do Wednesday at 5 pacific / 8 eastern but do later this week or early next week.

No sweat @khkey. We had to start somewhere - I’m generally available so lets see what the other participants can do and I’ll fall in line accordingly.

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