Discobot- real person?

What is discobot? Is this a real person? I got a message saying I could “say something to it” or something like that?

Talk about tech gone too far- a robot on a tech awareness site? Maybe I am misunderstanding… someone explain please.

Hi, I’m a Discourse employee.

You can read about Discobot here:

In short, it’s not a real person and it’s not “AI”. It’s a very straight forward bot script with “if this, do that” type logic and the code is open source. If it is deemed inappropriate for this forum it’s possible to disable the bot and use Discourse’s non-interactive quick-start guide instead.

I’m not sure if I should be proud to not understand or embarrassed;).

Thx for explaining even though I don’t understand what discobot is all about- so I’ll give a go again.

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