Digital Wellbeing & Ethics at CES

I would like to host a discussion on digital wellbeing and the ethical use of behavior science in new technologies during CES. I will be there all week. My book, Digital Self Mastery Across Generations (see my Intro), is being highlighted at Gary’s Book Club on the 8th.

As an introvert, CES is overstimulating for me. That said, I would love to get together for great conversation, brainstorming, a glass of wine. If you are interested let me know and I will coordinate accordingly.

Interesting, Heidi! Could you provide more information about CES (where it is held, links, etc.)?

Consumer Electronics Show, CES, is in Las Vegas, Nevada USA January 8-11
I will have a corporate suite at the Aria, and can host there (depending on group size) on the evening of the 7th if there are enough interested folks coming in the night before.

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