Sharing Digital Wellbeing & Ethics as a practice inside organizations

Digital Wellbeing and Ethics as a strategic initiative for business is vital as we plan for the future. I have been focusing on advising start-ups and speaking at tech and corporate wellness conferences. If we only focus on the big established companies (FB, Google, etc) we are missing reaching the influencers of the future.

In this recent presentation, I outlined three areas of digital wellbeing that are vital to consider when creating new technologies, delivering products or services through digital means and also digital wellbeing in the workplace and home. The focus being nurturing the development of technologies that enhances the human experience rather than becoming it.

The three areas that I focus on are:

  • ethical use of behavioral science in development of new digital products and services
  • Wellbeing technologies and their ability to enhance the human experience rather than become it
  • Educating users and consumers on boundaries, risks and best practices for digital wellbeing

I would love to hear about others initiating such efforts to integrate Digital Wellbeing and Ethics Officers at an organization level to ensure future compliance with best practice and policies. I welcome the opportunity to highlight their efforts on my podcast: Evolving Digital Self.

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This is great :heart: I’ll not repeat myself, but rather cross-reference to your other post on this subject:

Very good to see this. I recently posted about the Tech for Good Declaration that we are asking organizations to adopt as part of their business model. I would like to see it adopted outside of Canada.