Digital Wellness or Digital Wellbeing?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working for about 2-3 years in the industry now and I always wondered what term is more correct Digital Wellness or Digital Wellbeing and why?
Google is truly moving towards wellbeing. What are your thoughts? pls share.

Hey @JuanBagby - this is a very good question, and one that we’ve been toying around with too.

Firstly, it’s worth discussing digital wellbeing vs. wellbeing in general…

I think the term “digital” will eventually be retired by most, as technology will become so integrated into our traditional “online” and “offline” lives (as it already has), creating blurred lines. ‘Digital’ as a term will eventually (if it isn’t already) become a superfluous prefix. It may however serve purpose in the short-term, to communicate to different groups of people, particularly those whom are specifically seeking healthier digital habits.

Secondly, wellbeing vs. wellness. This really depends on what you’re offering. However ‘wellbeing’ often implies a more permanent & holistic state/assessment of health, whereas ‘wellness’ implies perhaps maybe less permanent, short-term, and more physical states or habits (e.g. physical fitness).

Sorry for the wordy response, but I hope this helps.



Well-being includes a framework of dimensions and indicators that is used globally. There are multiple indices to measure and determine well-being, which includes many more facets of life than global “wellness” definitions. It is a mater of semantics and cultural philosophy. For now, there is more focus on the ethics standards for design of AI are being developed particularly in reference to “well-being.”