Digital Quotient - Technical, cognitive, and socio-emotional competencies for digital life

A WEF article led me here:

What is DQ?

8 Digital Skills We Must Teach Our Children

Digital Intelligence (DQ) is a comprehensive set of technical, cognitive, and socio-emotional competencies that enable individuals to face the challenges of and adapt to the demands of digital life.

What’s interesting for me, from a humane tech POV, is the underlying assumptions that go into these 8 principles.

For example, cyberbullying management. “Ability to detect cyber-bullying situations and manage them wisely.” So the assumption is, there will always be cyberbullying. But in the real world, on daily commutes, for example, people don’t just randomly bully others. So a key to understanding the problem of cyberbullying would be to grapple with how and why the values we have IRL (is that too '90s a phrase?) don’t transition to online interactions.

Similarly, Critical Thinking is reduced to a utility function, not that different from a hunter-gatherer knowing which berries are poisonous and which not. And Privacy Management seems to assume that companies might never behave ethically, and we have to learn to stand our ground.

I’m interested to hear others in this community’s thoughts. My instincts are that the DQ values as posed are important, but the organization is currently facing dealing with the social realities of our shared situation. I think the HumaneTech community is more geared towards trying to understand the underlying causes, and creating systems that change those underlying reasons.