Conference Talk: Master or Servant? Are We Humans Still ‘Top Dogs’ in This Brave New World of Massive IT?

More in the link, but my talk will be a journey from some fundamentals of IT to effects and ethics we grapple with today (e.g. non-humane tech), using some — possibly surprising — perspectives. At the end, I will introduce a first draft/attempt of a ‘Hypocratic Oath’ for engineers and scientist who work in information technologies.

The conference is free, so it is a venue without a lot of hurdles to get the message across.

Ah, that sounds quite interesting @gctwnl. Could you provide a better title for the topic, and a category where it fits better? Central.* are for directly community-related activities.

Edit: I changed the topic title from the URL to the Session title and placed this in the Society category.

Edit2: I tooted about this to the Fediverse:

Thank you. I have added Center for Humane Technology to my links and references in the talk.

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Wonderful @gctwnl. Note that CHT and HTC are operating completely independently of each other, even though we are on the CHT forum.