Cinema inspiration - What if marketing and social media acted this way?

Do you imagine marketing and social networks acting in the way that Angela does in this beautiful scene?

Scene from Angel-A movie

If the ads adopted this approach, maybe I would zap to continue seeing this type of ads :wink:

I have found that to work efficiently and for a long time (at least in my case), I need to continually remind myself my deepest values and imagine what would be the result of living in a society focused in well-being, happiness and compassion. This beautiful movie allows me that.

Movie info

I hope you enjoy watching the scene.


@Momo1979 great scene!! This reminds me of the intense dialogue we all need to be in touch with eachother and ourselves. We are not just animals, we are human.

I saw the movie, thank you @Momo1979 for the recommendation, it’s beautiful!