Can tech be used to bring out our best attributes?

I’d love to hear your opinions on this… Many platforms segregate us, increase feelings of loneliness, despair, that we can’t do anything to help. Media amplifies the bad in the world. Makes people fearful. And as a result angry. It’s created polarisation where the dream was that the internet would unite us!

We believe that tech is here to stay. But most of it is being used unethically. So we’ve spent 4 years developing an app to harness what we think are our best attributes: our compassion, our creativity, ingenuity and ability to problem solve - and we’re focusing people’s attention to helping social causes. My first question, is whether you think these are humanities best attributes?

For us we believe it comes down to how we can collaborate together. The best improvements have always come from collaboration. Increasing it makes us more open to each other, more forgiving and more humane. Our collective intelligence is exceptionally powerful - so how can we leverage all that knowledge and passion to do good?

What can tech do to improve society and increase human connection in your opinion? How can we encourage more collaboration? How can we empower people to feel they can improve the world and society together? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Thank you very much!

Jeremy Agnew
Alone we are a drop, together an ocean.