Call to action against EU Copyright Directive: Help soften the blow to the internet!



After the GDPR there is another regulation underway that will have big impact on the internet, and action is needed! Spread the word about Article 13:

On 20-21 June, the European Parliament will vote on the Copyright Directive. Members of the parliament are the only ones that can stand in the way of bad copyright legislation. Tell them you need them to protect your Internet against surveillance and censorship machines!

Info here: Save Your Internet



Via the previous links you can easily make your voice heard by sending messages to your members of EU parliament, wherever you live in Europe.

Some reminders why the upcoming regulation is really bad:


Hi all,

Here is a post from Maritje Schaake, Center for Humane Technology advisor and Member of the European Parliament, about why opposes these changes.


Yes, thank you @sandyparakilas! I just shared on LI.

Unfortunately article 11 and 13 have passed the commission, and are now moving further through the EU process.

Huge discussions going on on Hacker News, like:

CALL TO ACTION: It is NOT too late to raise your voice! Share your discontent on Social Media!
AND ALSO: Use the tools in my post above to email your MEP’s!


Unfortunately the EU went ahead and passed most of the proposed regulations without significant modification. A very bad day for the internet that will have big implications.

Read about what is coming to the internet in these EFF articles, and read how you can still help to fight back:


An update on the progress of the EU Copyright Directive. It is not too late to get changes to the texts, before they are turned into law!

Raise your voice and contact your Member of Parliament, and help soften the blow this will give to the open en free internet.

The article explains what is at stake now, and how you can help: