Call for Action: Join the Humane Tech Awareness program - From Awareness to Cultural Awakening!

Hi everybody

This is a new way to get involved
I was absent from the forum last months
I feel a new motivation now
People with comitment want to do !


Great @ALFREDO, you are in Campaigners team :slight_smile:

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Hello Everyone. My name is Marcel and I am from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, where I direct the Critical Media Lab. I am interested in being involved as a Campaigner. Here is a recent project from my lab that could be activated by this group: .

And here is an article I wrote recently in the Globe and Mail about “techlash,” backlash against technology.

I hope we can make some positive changes together.

Welcome in the team, @Marcel! I’ll add you to the Campaigners group right away :slight_smile:

I’m no longer interested i this campaign. Best of luck with it.

Thank you! I removed you from the Campaigners group.

I would love to join this awareness campaign group. I’m not from tech but have a public health background coordinating projects. Have recently started a program called the Unplugged Village and am plugging away at creating awareness in San Diego CA. I agree about the comments in regards to using humor. Recently surveyed people who came in for unplugged dining nights about what they would like for future nights and comedy was #1 pick. Confirmed my hunch that people are tired of scare tactics and may fair best with humor to get them to part with their phones. Looking forward to checking out github and seeing if there is some way I can get involved.


Fantastic @Unpluggedvillage, consider yourself part of the team! There is no requirement at all to have a tech background. In fact we have other members active in healthcare and were discussing definition of campaign theme(s) for that in Tech Wise Campaign Theme: Promoting prudent technology use in child education

Just found the community by following Tristan’s articles on Medium. I’m a videographer based in NYC, would love to help if there’s need for video shooting, editing, or audio recording. I also do 360/VR films/apps. I’ve visited the GitHub site - it seems quite complicated to navigate and follow the conversations - hopefully it will get easier when I’m more familiar with it!


Hi @MelodyLiu , welcome!

Yes, Github is not so easy at the beginning, it was made mainly for developers to work on code projects. Basically it’s a place where you can store a repository with the artifacts (code, documents, etc.), you can open issues/things to do and comment on them and, most of all, you can download the current version of the repository, make your changes/edits and upload the newer version, which would became, if approved, the master version, shared with the other contributors.

Take a look at this campaign proposal, there’s also a sketched storyboard I made. Otherwise there are other proposals, still as issues (in issues list they have the word ‘proposal’ in their label).
Your skills could be very useful here!


Wonderful, Melody! As Michele says, we have some exciting plans for creating cool video’s.

Don’t worry about Github being complicated. You do not have to understand all discusssion that is going on there. Github issues are for elaborating the details for people directly involved in certain tasks. General discussion takes places on this forum. You can find the topics in the Campaigns & projects category, and in the Campaigners group inbox.

On Github you’ll find the final versions of the Campaign documents, and their corresponding Themes and Strategies. They are accessible from the project README and will become part of the Community Website, that is under construction.

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Thank you @micheleminno!

Sure I will go through the proposals and see where I can contribute. And will try to learn more about Github in the meantime

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Thank you @aschrijver! I’ve received your message and I’m filling out the questionnaire. Will let you know if any questions

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Hi, I would like to participate somehow. I do have some spare time and I would like to use it in meaningful way. I am new member and still I am trying to orient myself here, but I believe we will find a way how I could be useful. Thanks


Very happy to hear that, Marek :smiley: And welcome to the community! I will add you to the campaigners team right away…

Hello friends!

My name is Dan, I live in Brooklyn, NY, and have been making comedy videos and songs about phone addiction for a couple of years now. I also wrote a children’s book called Hey Zoey! Get Off Your Phone and raised $9000 on Kickstarter. I’ve worked with The Light Phone and launched a campaign that’s had many thousands of views across several platforms.

I intend to keep making videos in NYC and I’m considering creating a workshop to help people with Digital Minimalism (I highly recommend this book by Cal Newport).

Excited to be here and make more stuff to help people control their digital lives! Very happy to collaborate with you all. Also considering throwing a phone free Happy Hour here in NYC. If anyone lives here, you’re more than welcome to come!

All my best.


Howdy @danmaxfox! I watched a couple of your videos and I really enjoyed them. Welcome to the Community!

Hi @sidnya - thank you so much for watching! Excited to get involved.