Break up with your phone this Valentine's Day

In partnership with author Catherine Price, and her book, How to Break Up With Your Phone, Flipd would like to welcome you to take the 30-day challenge alongside friends and strangers that have collectively agreed it’s time for a fresh start.

How to Participate:

  1. Download Flipd on the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Login to Flipd through its Productivity portal.
  3. Join the Group (+) code 25446.
  4. Flip Off every day for the next 30 days when you receive a notification from Flipd.
  5. Flip Off any other time you feel like some space.
  6. Keep track of your position on the leaderboard.

1st place on the Leaderboard will win a copy of Price’s book plus some swag from our partners.

App Store:
Google Play:

Using leaderboards and other mind hacks to get people to free themselves from other attention hacks is interesting. Do you have anyone researching how well this works, medium and long term? I imagine some people love it and others feel it is counter to calm-tech design. .

Be careful not to use this forum as a target for marketing. This toes the line. :slight_smile: I edited it to tone it down a bit.

Cool. @metasj, I have created a separate topic for gamification:

Humane Tech Tools: Gamification for Good