Blog featuring Bay Area Humane Tech Projects

Hi everyone,

A few other forum members and I have created a Medium blog to showcase humane tech projects in the Bay Area. Our goal is to give project creators a new outlet to publicize their work and ask readers for whatever they need. We want to feature a mixture of humane tech products and non-product projects (such as art installations, psychological studies, and non-profit organizations). I think the blog’s content will interface with this forum well.

We used my project, Foundoff, for the first post to test the blog out. Since it’s working we’re planning to publicize the blog more. In particular, we’re going to share posts from it in the Humane Tech SF newsletter.

If you want to be featured or have questions/feedback about the blog please post here or send me a message.


Hi Will, I’d greatly appreciate being featured. I’m both in LA and SF (where I’m originally from). We’ll be partnering soon with, and we were just finalists for the MetLife/Techstars program.

The service as it’s being developed is designed to help people follow through with long term goals by partnering them with others working in the same goals. It’s a way to reclaim our attention through focused social connection. We already have thousands of people from all over the world connecting with each other.



Hi Michael – we would love to feature your project! I’ll send you a private message now.