Wiki Reach: Infuse Wikimedia with Humane Tech knowledge

“Wiki Reach” Campaign



Enrich Humane Tech-related Wiki(pedia) topics with our knowledge and add community references where possible.


  • Ensure that wiki knowledge of Humane Technology is present, complete and of high quality

  • Ensure that Center of Humane Technology and Humane Tech Community are represented on wikipedia

  • Promote the CHT and HTC by adding references and footnotes to our works, wherever possible


  • Every wiki user (Wikipedia, MediaWiki, Wikisource, etc.), so effectively every internet user

Success criteria

  • CHT, HTC and TWS information is up-to-date in all major language versions of Wikipedia
  • The community has an active team of wiki editors that continue to update topics as go along


  • No retrospective has been held yet.


Wikipedia is the most consulted information source in the world. Not only do search engines like Google Search give top-ranking to wikipedia articles, but many automated information systems and AI services use Wikipedia, MediaWiki and other wikis as primary inputs, a source of truth.

Part of the Humane Tech Community’s mission and strategy (the 1st strategic pillar) is raising Awareness to create a Cultural Awakening. Ensuring that the knowledge about all Humane Tech topics is properly represented and of high quality on Wikipedia, is a great way to achieve this, and is what this campaign is about.

When creating or improving wiki Topics we will strive to add references to works we have created at the CHT or HTC, both in the text itself as in footnotes to the text. The purpose is to attract attention to our community and to the Center itself, so that people interested in the topic can find us and may become members of the community.

This campaign is a follow-up to this discussion in Campaigners team.


The campaign deliverables constitute divisions by language. The wikis we target are global and multi-language. Each deliverable has the primary target of Wikipedia, followed by MediaWiki, and then other wikis (like Wikisource). The English version wikis are most important. These are ‘master’ wikis.

Wiki: English Master Wikis (TODO)

Ongoing work on the English language version wikis, that are leading (i.e. master wikis).

Wiki editors:

Wiki: Spanish Wikis (TODO)

Ongoing work on the Spanish language wikis.

Wiki editors:

This video, given by John Doe, shows how effective mini-breaks are, and how to remind yourself to take them.


  • Communication on ongoing editing and division of high-level tasks is done on the forum, to show wher we are active
  • When edits have been made, topic editing finishes, then the deliverable is updated
  • An edit of one language version should be synchronized in the other versions. It is best if English is leading in this
  • If an edit is complete and contains references to either CHT or HTC we should investigate how to promote it using our social media channels and community website

We will improve the strategy outlined here, as we go along.


  • No funding is required to execute this campaign.


  • No milestones yet. First milestone should be creating/updating our own community-related topics


  • All Official Wikis - This page shows all wikis targeted by this campaign
  • Wikipedia - The primary wiki we are targeting with this campaign
  • MediaWiki - The secondary wiki that is targeted by this campaign
  • Wikipedia Tutorial - Tutorial sources about how to edit Wiki pages (Must-read!)