Ublock Origin "Block Element" Feature: Block all the things!

I just finished listening to Tristan on Tim Ferriss’ podcast and wanted to suggest something I’ve used.
I have seen mentions of Ublock on here but didn’t see the specific mention of Ublock’s “block element” feature.
You click on a part of a site and it creates a rule to hide it. (Explanation in reply below.)
I’ve used it to hide the recommended videos panel and the recommended videos end screen on youtube.
(Tristan said that most of youtube’s traffic comes from recommendations.)
I’ve used it to hide all the recommended product lists on Amazon.
I’ve used it to clean up banners and other clutter on Goodreads.
It seems like you could turn a site into a blank page if you wanted to.
I haven’t tried the mobile version.
Looking forward to learning from this community.


Can you explain further “you click on a part of a site and it creates a rule to hide it”? I’m using ublock origin for a no. of months now.

When you click on the Ublock button, there’s something that says “Enter element zapper mode” (it’s the thunder icon). Then you can select the section you want to hide.

Thanks a lot @Hal_Rondo, I didn’t know about this feature.

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Sorry for not explaining it. I wasn’t paying attention.

(I’m using it in Firefox.)
Another way to access it is to right-click on the ublock icon in the upper-right corner. The top option should be “block element”.
When you click on that the cursor will turn into a +.
Whatever you mouse over will turn red. What is red is an “element” of the site.
After clicking an element the cursor turns into a red circle with a line through it. If you click the window with this cursor it will cancel the selection. The cursor will return to the + cursor so you can pick another element.
If you want to exit this mode hit Esc.
When you click on an element a window will open in the lower-right corner.
There will be text in the window. This is the rule for blocking the element that you clicked on.
There is a preview button to see what the site would look like if you hid that element.
If you want to hide the element then click on the “create” button. This will make a rule to hide that element.
If you want to get rid of a rule later on you can open the dashboard by left-clicking the uBlock icon and then clicking the button that looks like sliders on a mixing board.
Then click on the “My Filters” tab.
Each line of blue text is a rule for blocking an element.
You can put a ! in front of a line to have uBlock ignore it. This will cause the element to reappear on the site.
You can also just delete that line of text and the element will reappear.