Bad blocking vs. ad blocking

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I have been trying to elucidate a new concept of bad blocking, which is the next step along from ad blocking.

‘Bad’ is short for ‘built-in ad’, which is, for example, the Facebook News Feed, YouTube’s recommended videos, Twitter’s trending bar, or Buzzfeed’s carousels and sidebars.

These are all features put in products by their own designers to keep users there for longer than they intend.

They are not critical to enjoying the product, and hence could easily be opt-in (e.g. hidden behind a button) except that this wouldn’t meet the designers’ goals of increasing engagement.

I’d be interested in your thoughts. A better description is available in this piece I wrote for Hacker Noon:



Nice article, Louis! I posted a link on the fediverse:

PS. I added Nudge to awesome-humane-tech but I just saw in the Nudge license the code is not OSS, so I may have to remove it unless you consider license changes.

Hi Louis,

I hope all is very well!! This sounds like a very interesting concept that I would be thrilled to talk with you more about. I am currently working on a project for one of the largest international advertising holding companies around how to make the internet a healthier ecosystem for the future and I feel like you would have some great insights to share about your project that can help improve how we address this. Any chance you would be open to talking further about this topic? If so I’ll shoot you my email and we can go from there. If not, keep up the great work regardless!!

Hi @kmdoerfler! Thank you for your interest. Would definitely be interested to chat about this. My email is so feel free to get in touch.

@aschrijver, thank you so much for posting the link to the fediverse!

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Hi Louis,

Wonderful! I will shoot you an email today from my personal email ( and we can move on from there. Looking forward to connecting!