Topic categories that reflect core Humane Tech themes



Just made the new categories visible to everyone! Our hope is to guide the conversations that happen on this forum to address the following topics / themes:

  • Awareness: Let’s use this forum to raise our individual and collective awareness of the difference between technology designed to extract the most attention from us, and technology whose goals are aligned with our own. Based on the interests of this community & the most pressing problems identified by CHT, we’re seeding this category with the following topics: wellbeing, civics, privacy, children, and relationships.

  • Advocacy: Let’s use this forum to rally our community, prepare campaigns, and take action so companies and governments adopt smarter policies and better user protections.

  • Humane Design: Let’s share ideas for how we might redesign technology to align better with humanity, both at the individual and societal levels.

  • Community Commons: This is our forum commons. It is a place for us to get to know each other, stay up-to-date on the latest “humane tech” news, and share the apps and tools that this community is working on.

Now that this scaffolding is in place, the work begins. :slight_smile: We want to recategorize existing topic threads to map to these new categories… and as we go through the treasure trove of conversations that have happened here over the last few months, let’s harvest the most useful information related to each category / subcategory in a wiki post.

Does anyone want to help with this process? We can call ourselves the cybrarians!


In case you want to reach out to a cybrarian in Hawaii:



This new categoies are a very important step to:

a) be more focused to read and to write
b) help community to identify critical topics
c) Not to lose anything that was wrote down

Great !

In this long road , where we have to explore , walk and taste different paths , and keep together all the time , your words are not only kindy words , they are necessary ones.
As ussualy you add so gently “velvet” words that makes feel so good…

Yes , I want to help with this process


I like that the forum shows great improvement at this point.
I`m feeling now that the fluently develop of the ideas are natural claiming for next steps

From this @Mamie suggestions posted on May 4th to now It seems clear that there were opened a lot of new topics.

In one hand, surely this new topics had opened the scope of ideas , but in the other hand when I log in and read the latest, I find me standing in the crossing of such number of guide arrows that turns me paralyzed…

This may be only a personal feeling and no more. But in anycase (and excuse me for refering again to the Big Bang metaphor) I think that in the Big Bang process of this forum, we need at this point that the gravity forces fluently generates nuclear material that may shows trends and direction of the collective creation within the forum.

Surely you can say to me , that this could be a natural process , but that`s not sure , it depends on if forces to concentrate are stronger that foreces to not concentrate , similar had ocurred in the Universe.

So , like steps just walked , like “suggested topics” I think that the ideas wrote down by @Mamie would be the next.

To be clear , I`m not suggesting to stop the creation of new topics at all, but facilitate match community members to topics.

In summary , we need both , the input of creating new material and topics , and in the same process generate the conditions of proximity of ideas that by itself and naturally produces the gravity force to strengthen nuclear materials.

All this looking for better and better conditions to share , to think and to create.


You expressed this well, Alfredo. Also, a lot of the discussion is being generated by people are new, and we are going over old ground, old ideas. This could be addressed by producing and sharing some of sort of newcomer’s guide or introduction to the forum.


You notice a point that i hadn.t @patm.
That`s very important , and in this way you suggest a very useful tool to avoid going over old ground.

Looking from a higher dimension , this tool may be very clear for induce newcomer’s to bring a smart collaboration , just from the collective work did it out, and not from an continuos beginning

In this way we are helping to all the forum writers into the same attitude , investigate first what was just wrote down , and then improve it.

Please moderators, , is it possible to analyze and take this or similar proposal ?