Tools that can harm us

I share this idea that I created in the form of a drawing:

“For all those people who compare technology with a tool and say: “it is good or bad depending on how we use it”, it depends not only on how we use it, but also on how it has been designed.”


Very nice image, Momo!

I wish the interface here at CHT wasn’t urging me to accept realtime notifications on these discussions. That’s definitely pushing things toward ill use of the tools. Arggghhh.

Note @magdalen that you can probably change that in your profile preferences. There is a section for notifications and one for emails. This is forum is not an exemplar of Time Well Spent / Humane Tech, but instead tuned to cooperating to create TWS and HT solutions.

@Momo1979, you posted this idea in Projects & campaigns category. Are you proposing to create a campaign along this topic?

@aschrijver I’m learning how to use this space. What would be the best section to publish it?
I consider that this image could be useful to expand the message of the dangers of a malicious design in technology, what do you think?

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