Thoughts on Apple’s New “Families” Page

What does everyone think of Apple’s new page dedicated to families and screen time?

It’s a smart PR move, and a good marketing campaign to integrate families deeper into their whole ecosystem, for example the “contact your kids even if their phone is dead because they have their Apple Watch!” thing.

The content censoring seems like a useful thing for parents, as does the automatic “turn down blue light at night” thing, being able to turn off in-app purchases across the board, and Do Not Distract While Driving. All good there.

There are some deeply concerning parts, like the creepy push to “get everyone in the family an Apple ID”. Also, the whole “know where your kids are at all times” thing is far too Orwellian for me, and I believe that trend could lead us down a dark path and ultimately damage childhoods. FaceID is certainly questionable, as it always has been and always will be.