The LookUp Challenge: Virtually

First and foremost, I have to tell you our marvelous Siddhi is one of’s Super Stars, and I am going to be interviewing her in person tomorrow!

I’ve been following the forum ever since its inception. What a wonderful group!

We are piloting the LookUp Challenge through the non-profit Pilot #2 starts July 29!

We’d love any and all participants as we test our hypothesis: What happens when teens, college students and adults unplug from social media, TOGETHER? Does this alleviate FOMO? We have a group of students taking classes all together at Dartmouth College , and we are getting great results, but are also getting great results from students from different high schools and colleges, along with adults doing it individually.

The other exciting Challenge is coming out of the UK in September. Scroll Free September through the RSHP (Royal Society of Health Prevention). Please check out our links and join us. Or reach out to