The Accountability Thread

Hello all!

As some of you know, I had to get a Facebook in order to do administrative things for university and I am going to use this thread to stay accountable. I am going check Facebook ONCE a day when I get home from school and that is it!

Anyone else have a goal they want to share? Leave it down below!

@sidnya I have a question… With a new Facebook account- will you accept new friend requests or will you strictly check news updates? You maybe able to check the updates without even logging in- just a thought.

I only got it to
a) find a room mate
b) keep up with college events and clubs

Part a is completed so there is really no reason to check it was much as I was! No getting friends really unless I meet them in real life first!


@sidnya your awareness is so important…

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And like i made a couple of friends on facebook, but I called them over the phone as soon as I could instead of text chatting! :woman_shrugging:

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My goal is not to buy anything from and tell friends and family not to buy me anything there.

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