Tech and Health curriculum k-12 ed?

Seeking a short public health curriculum on overuse, addiction,mental & physical health consequences, any leads?


I’ve found this area in embryonic stages with awareness of internet or phone overuse in my community- so it would be a pleasant surprise to see the world validating what I see everyday. Is this a college study course?

Hi folks, I want to do an education campaign and am looking for the same thing. Maybe we should get together to draft something?

We are creating this at Our focus is college students but we could easily modify for high schools.

There’s also common sense media’s new “truth about tech campaign”


Did this go anywhere? I would be interested to read…

@healthyswimmer and @patm are planning to define education campaigns (starting with the Theme definition) as part of our new crowdsourced Awareness Program. Please refer to this thread:

Tech Wise Campaign Theme: Promoting prudent technology use in child education