Sustainable mobility in tech

Hey there,

I am currently doing research into sustainable mobility, and my main focus are apps. Sustainable mobility can be understood as a gradual shift from unsustainable means of transportation (i.e. cars) towards more greener options (public transport, biking, walking)

I was wondering if you guys have ideas, resources, or tips that would point me in the right direction when it comes to designing such an app.

I am mainly looking for:

  • the examples of such apps that are in use and are recent (this might be an app that your city uses or something you heard about; or an app that promotes sustainable behavior in other field)
  • scientific papers
  • websites or other sources where I can learn more

I would gladly appreciate any help!

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You might get good feedback by posting this to Hacker News in an ‘Ask HN’ type of question. If it is well-phrased and gets enough upvotes to reach the front page, you can expect a lot of commentary.

PS. If you do that, it would be great to post the thread URL here :slight_smile:

Thank you, @aschrijver! I solved my problem in the meantime, but Hacker News looks like a promising resource for the future.

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