Surveillance capitalism.. and ways to protect yourself

This topic is for listing protective measures that you can take to avoid your data being harvested by just about anyone for any purpose, and beyond your control.

First of all I want to point you to our own curated Awesome Humane Tech list:

And also read this 6-part article series on how to protect against Big Tech, or entirely avoid them (only listing Part 6) and the pros and cons of that:

On the same line - if you are looking for alternatives - have a look at Switching Social.


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We need legislation to protect us. MDM and security Apps will not work due to preinstalled surveillance and data mining technology associated with smartphones, tablet PCs, connected products and PCs supported by the android OS, Apple iOS, and MS Windows OS.

To learn more read my articles such as "Surveillance Capitalism: Monetizing the Smartphone User Published Oct, 2018 by the Epoch Times at: