Smart phone habits and attention/cognition

Here it is- information from National Institute of Health (USA)- there are consequences to smartphone habits.

Please take the time to read through this readable and important message on our most important organ- our brain!!


This is a great article and look into the negative effects our habits are having on us. It’s amazing, yet terrifying, how smartphones can change our cognitive abilities. Thanks so much for sharing, @healthyswimmer!

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Good to hear you found value in this- not sure where you live but the NIH doesn’t waste time on fads so this is real.

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Wow, great article, thanks for sharing. I wonder if anyone has summarised this for a non scientific community, do you know? There was nothing about this in any mainstream media where I’m from…
Or is anyone planning to?

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Maybe I can try to do this., I have a medical background and trained to translate into layman’s terms for teaching the public how to take care of medical issues. Maybe I’ll bounce a draft off you first since you seem interested.

Great to hear from you, thx for your contribution!

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That sounds great, thank you!