Select, share in the future and preserve what matters for your loved ones - Senscial is live on IOS

It’s been 2 years that we are putting all our efforts to create a new way to bring sense and intent into “familly and friends” digital collaboration. We have created senscial.

It is:

  • ad-free
  • protecting children (parents can create an account for their children that they will own)
  • designed for “delayed messaging” or “messages in the future” NOT instant messaging or gratification, * limiting the number of people in your “groups” (familly, best friends… the ones that really matter)
  • protecting your privacy
  • you to decide what kind of noticifcations you would like to receive…
    We have this first release of the application availabile on the app store and would love to get your feedback. The application is available in English and French. Looking forward for your comments…

Hi @Olivier,

While you can advertise Time Well Spent apps in this forum, it is bad practice to have @Alvynn - an employee from your company and posting from the same IP - give something that looks like a ‘user review’. This is the reason that the forum software automatically flagged your posts as spam.

Advertising is a sensitive subject on this forum. Our members are not fans of ads in general. Please make sure that your product is relevant to this community, and bring your points across why that is the case. So take your time to draft your post. You did not include a link. After searching, on your website I see mention of Time Well Spent and adhering to Humane Technology, so you could explain more on that.

And realize that when posting to a discussion forum like this - where we investigate problems and solutions that arise from modern tech applications - your product might be discussed openly and receive honest responses that may or may not be positive.

An example of this kind of feedback could be: one of your values is “Integrity - The foundation of trust”, but I cannot see how you intend to monetize this app, other than the mention of ‘Secure payment’. And also you have privacy policy and terms of use for the website, but different ones on the page where you register (where the privacy page is called ‘General information’ and the Terms of Use is the same as the Privacy page).

Update: I made the 2nd post the topic text, and improved it with an URL, the other posts are removed.

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