Secure email

Does anyone have a suggestion of a secure email service?

My yahoo account is not secure anymore and it kicks out some emails even if they are in my contact list. I need reliable email before my daughter’s school starts.


Protonmail is the service I’ve found that seems to be the most secure - you might want to check it out.

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Godaddy provides secure email, It is a little expensive but not that expensive. Do Not use Microsoft Office 365 as suggested, that product is supported by surveillance and data mining business practices even if you pay for the service.

Stay away from FREE products period, all FREE products are supported by predatory surveillance and data mining business practices even if they suggest that the products are private.

To learn more about Surveillance Capitalism, visit my website My Smart Privacy at: and read the articles posted on the website.

Regards- Rex

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I’ve been using ProtonMail for a couple of years myself. Would recommend.

It’s not fully end-to-end encrypted, but little of Internet email is.

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I definitely recommend Proton Mail . Not even secure it is not bad preventing to concentrate all services in US using European services it is part as well of deconcentrating the power of all actors.
In addition ProtonMail is a tool created by the CERN . It is fully encrypted between protonmail users

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In case you didn’t read about the lawsuit:

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Thx @patm I’d believe it because I don’t use google anymore but somehow I feel invaded again- add pop up again again- I don’t use google anymore. I think Apple is at fault too…

Can you post this article in privacy and awareness?

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Yes, I read this article. Nice to see people taking action- Rex

Great news! Proton just lunched the first really competitive versions of Proton Mail! There are now all new, modern apps for Google Android and Apple iOS, to match the modern web app.

Finally, for the first time ever, the world has an effective and complete, modern privacy-respecting replacement to Google’s spyware Gmail. There is a complete free version available! This is huge, to me having a completely usable Proton Mail is the biggest thing ever to come out of Proton and one of the biggest events in humane tech ever.

It’s happening, some actually usable and competitive, modern humane tech is actually arriving,

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