Ready to design humane online spaces?

Hi! I’m Joe and I coined the term Time Well Spent long ago in conversation with Tristan. While Tristan has worked to raise awareness of the problem and to organize around it, I’ve been working more on what the solution looks like.

What I’ve developed is now available as an online class. The current batch includes students from Google, Khan Academy, Mission U, Adobe, Buzzfeed, Facebook, Github, The Sorbonne, and Amazon.

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I took this class and am now in the process of training to become an instructor. I have found it a deeply meaningful combination of self work, a new way of measuring the meaning in my own life, and a really interesting approach at designing better technology. One that actually cares about people and about meaning on deeper human levels.

Big fat recommend here.

Amazing approach (and I applied instantly). What I really like is that there is feedback “built in” in the thinking via its name. Feedback (what was done was X and it resulted in Y) is something severely missing or at least too hidden from oh so many places (I would like to see better one used in politics for example… 8).