Profile pic issue - please help


I just signed up here and while there was no prompt to upload a picture in the signup process, I discovered later on, oh surprise!, that a picture of mine has been used as a profile picture here with prior express consent…worse than Facebook on that one :wink:
Anyone else had the same experience ?
Does anyone know how does that work and how to fix that ?

Have a nice day

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What a privacy violation David!

Where did the photo come from?

Strange. Can you say more? I believe the rest of us had to upload photos by hand, and we don’t even have the option for importing profiles via single-sign-on.

To change your profile avatar picture: click on the avatar in the upper-right corner of the whole page, then on the little gear icon to open preferences. Find the section named ‘Profile Picture’ and click on the pencil icon next to the image.

Indeed :open_mouth:
I use that same picture for my account on Wordpress

I just noticed this

The one to blame here is It seems like one automatically becomes a Gravatar user when signing up to
some information here

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Aha, that makes sense. But I had to opt into using my gravatar, by default I got the letter-in-a-circle assigned by the system.

Did you manage to log in using your Wordpress login, rather than making a new account?

I did make a new account

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Hi @davidc,

I found there was a forum setting “Download Gravatars for users upon account creation or email change.” which I just turned off.

Gravatar is a free service that is a privacy invasion (it tracks your activity). So it should be an opt-in decision by community members whether or not to use it. Now done, sorry for long wait :slight_smile:

@aschrijver thank you
Yes, Gravatar is just that, it makes me think that rating apps based on their privacy behavior is something that is missing