Please enable the dark theme for Discourse

Hi all, since this community has no particular theme that ties into branding, please enable the dark theme option. I think this is the instructions:

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Thank you. I know about the dark theme. Currently we have a small number of adaptations to the Default theme, which are not in the dark theme. I do not expect those changes to be really different on the Black theme, so a copy/paste may suffice. I will consider it.

Branding itself is a different topic. We want this to be picked up as a crowdsourced project (but it is not at the top of the priority list).

I just meant that, for example, has a certain sort of lighter color scheme and branding, so we didn’t create a dark theme variant (though I’d like to see that someday). But for anything where light theme isn’t inherent to the brand, I prefer the dark theme.

I’m actually viewing this with on right now…

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