Phone circles mobbing an ice rink

I went ice skatng with my child today and was stunned at how many people were on their phones while ice skating!!

Groups of teenagers were standing on the edges and middle of the rink staring at their phones. Normally in a cafe or on the street it’s just annoying- but it really changed the way the rink felt- it took away from the pleasure of the social
experience- Not only was this a safety hazard- but the cheerful buzz of skaters was blunted with peoples attention on something other than skating.

This is the second time in the past week I could feel the blanket of technology affect a public community social gathering.

There has to be a name for people who change the culture of a public gathering by being on their phones. This is definitely a public health risk- people go to ice rinks to meet people and get out of the house- a socially healthy activity. But now people are not assured the same experience.

Will once public community gatherings become places where people stand around and do nothing but look at phones? Well…, if we don’t do something soon- there will be a generation that will change the face of public community events forever.

It was a bizarre scene- you would never see a person reading a book in the middle of an ice rink- why phones???


So… that should be something for new Speak Easy urban dictionary candidates, right? :smile:

Can’t they just be Phone Zombies, or something more appropriate for the case?

Create some posters “Zombie Alert! Help find the cure at Humane Tech Community.” and guerilla-glue them to the walls at your skating center :crazy_face::wink:

(picture source: Designed and Created by Plants vs. Zombie 2 by Popcap Games, found here)


@aschrijver I will approach the board of the ice rink- it’s actually the official Charles Schultz Snoopy Home Ice rink. I talked to one of the ice monitors- and gave him a scare about going to the board because they let them the kids do this and the kid actually looked wide eyed. So maybe this is something they talked about before but couldn’t control it.