Our Survival Requires Humanity To Evolve In All Things

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There is no easy way to present what I have to say, so I’ve written my words here at my Medium account. It is my hopes that everyone will read it and pass it along to the whole group at Humane Technology.

Our Survival Requires Humanity To Evolve In All Things:

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Thanks for sharing Ken!! Great references!!!
Completly agree…

It is my hope that the time has come where all can put down their entrained intellectual swords, drop the shields of ego and hear new words On Dialog(#11) from those that have gone beyond only to return in hopes of empowering others to step out from within Plato’s Cave(#12).

The dangers of specialization…

If the topic entries in those forums are an early indication of the idea’s to these problems, then everything has already failed.” (…) “everyone is divided, held in isolation, buried in the noise

Your thoughts, energy and executions are trapped within an isolated and closed system of design hell bent on stopping you from doing anything that threatens its existence.

As mobile eats the world, our connectedness to our devices continues to rise at accelerated rates. As we surrounded ourselves with screens and our lives now seem to fit in half a dozen of inches, what was once directly lived has now become just a mere representation! How does it impact our human experience? What is lost when we mediate our experiences through objects?

How to design meaningful interactions between humans, their environment and technology present a great opportunity to reshape our existence!

But how?!