Next CT meeting - decision process

Dear all,

We did not set up a meeting, and now the Mozilla sprint event is upon us. It will be in five days!

Do we want to get together to talk about ways to make the event successful? Or would you like to discuss it here on the forum?


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Can we start a topic about what would they like to talk about?
And maybe create an hashtag so people can talk about it on twitter?

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Mic, I’d like to post a general call for topics, thoughts, etc., on the forum, saying we are collecting these in order to help make the sprint event successful.

Also responded to @richard1 with an invitation to join the event. Realize I’m deviating a bit from the purpose of the event, which is to get new people to join the forum, but I hope it’s OK to invite current members as well.


@patm thanks for the invitation. But I cannot be sure but I would like to help or share one way or another.


I think the most useful thing to do before the event is to describe the status of all activities we do or we want to do in the future (I’m doing it here for campaigns I started or contributed to), subdividing them into tasks and subtasks to encourage new people to join and contribute.

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That sounds awesome, Mic. :cat2:

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For those who weren’t able to participate in today’s Mozilla sprint event, here are a few additions to the transcript:

  1. People joining Siddhi, Mic, and me were @georgews, @cameron_t_adams, @jaedaemon, and Jumana Abu-Ghazaleh.
  2. Mic summarized the relationship between CHT and HTC.
  3. After short introductions and brief sharing, I asked people to indicate in the chat box how they heard about the event; seemed it was through HTC channels mainly.
  4. Mic went over the campaigns and tasks listed on the website and talked about using GitHub to modify and add to them.
  5. Siddhi talked about the humanizing campaign she is running on our Instagram page and showed us a recent addition.
  6. We agreed to have another video call in two weeks, adjusting for people’s schedules.
  7. Cameron will give a short presentation on his project, and others can present on their projects if they wish.
  8. Overall tone of the meeting was very positive, infused with the kind of excitement and hopefulness you have when people meet for the first time.

The call went on for about an hour, so we might want to keep that in mind when scheduling future events.

It was a good, productive event. Grateful to the Mozilla Foundation for the opportunity to put it together :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


4 posts were split to a new topic: Proposal: an HTC podcast

Can we add “Ongoing Events” to this page:

I’m thinking we could list my proposed podcast series here.

We could also list it here:

Wherever it is placed, finding it needs to be easy and intuitive.

Someone on CHT’s Facebook page expressed an interest in the next video call. Can we decide on a day, keeping the time (11 a.m. PT) the same?

  • June 7
  • June 8
  • June 9
  • Other (please suggest)

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I have many a thing going on next week, but the week after is much better!

Thanks, Siddhi; will revise the poll.

Again, congratulations on graduating. We are all so proud of you.


I can make any time but voted for Friday AM. Friday afternoon I depart via (rented) Tesla to drive from SF to Carson City, NV for a weekend of Burning Man preparations. I can dial in remotely on Saturday or Sunday though if it is Sunday I may be on my phone and on autopilot back to SF :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jaedaemon. Let’s try to schedule the call for Friday a.m. Pacific time.

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Did the meeting happen? Is there any reports of the meeting?

Yes it happened. @cameron_t_adams showed us his project, it will be visible soon here and in the website.

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I’m going to step away from this team at this point (not sure how to do that in terms of notifications). Great group of people, but I’m afraid I don’t see a theory of change or desired outcomes in common across the team. I was hoping to help but at this point I don’t see how to do so, so I think I’ll go back to being an occasional reader of posts. Hope the team is able to move forward - there is real work to be done that is so very much needed.

Do you want to be removed from the CommunityTeam group, Karen?

Was there any other discussion? How many people were able to attend?

I guess I can stay, Michele - I’m just feeling a bit discouraged. Thanks for your patience - it’s hard to know how to make a difference on these issues, here or anywhere else.

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