New currencies for a better society.

Centralized money like the € or USD are sources of inequality and violence in the society. Bitcoin show that it is possible to build new currencies on blockchains, but Bitcoin also have side effects.

Ventureo, Manna, Onfocoin and Evergreencoin are new coins for a new society, to better redistribute the wealth created by the work of everybody.

Ventureo is a token that can be claim by a nonprofit only. When a nonprofit join the Ventureo network, the board get an initial funding that can be used to furfil the objectives of the nonprofit, by exchanging goods and services with other members of the network.

Everybody is entitle to a basic income whatever he or she choose to do; Every human can claim a basic income in Manna at

Onfocoin is distribute each time an interaction is created between two human. You cannot buy Onfocoin, you can only mine it by networking. You can join the network by invitation only:

Evergreencoin generates interests that can be used to implement the protection of the environment at a large scale.

In my opinion, these 4 currencies are well adapted to better human relationships and exchanges of goods and services. I would be delighted to have the opinion of other members of humantech.


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