Is Human attention a form of currency?

Money is a social construct that has been given “value” from our collective trust in it. The result of many people using one currency in a region is a result of conforming to the majority. This goes to show that the use of psychology has manipulated us into using this system. Which major tech firms are using to engage with their users. Therefore, I am raising the question of whether human attention is a form of currency?

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Sure it is. this is the premise behind the #paypercomment campaign on Instagram.

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Hi! I just joined the forum and am so glad Humane Tech is here. I wrote an article about this back in November on Medium, –how free social media isn’t at all free. It is about how our personal resources/wealth is much more than just money and things–it’s our time, energy, beliefs, values, self-esteem, skills, unique self, health, relationships, and presence–and the value of those is priceless. There is a need to understand the value of the currencies we inherently possess. In my understanding of health, relationships, and healing–presence is one of the most powerful currencies we can share with others. This is a really important part of education, awareness, and ethics for humane tech.


I think it’s more of a resource. A currency is a vessel for value, attention doesn’t hold value unless it is harvested or mined. You also can’t exchange it for goods, you can’t invest it in a venture, you can’t donate it to a charity. I’d say it’s like coal, oil or gold, someone builds ventures in order to extract it from where it naturally occurs and then sells it to the highest bidder.