Attention Economy: In the fight for my attention, Tristan Harris has won

Right now, this very moment, there are all sorts of apps and sites (and TV, and me cooking, and me just sitting quietly as myself, by myself, in reality, with no other distractions) that could have had my attention, and here I am.

At the moment my attention is here.

And apparently it’s my most valuable resource because it is being mined every time I go online, and yours is too.

When you can gather a whole lot of peoples attention consistently, then of course you can start to alter the way they think. When a person stares down into the screen of their device, a device run by corporations who know more about that person than they do themselves, then that person, whether they know it or not, opens their own mind up to be influenced, to be directed, to be informed by some external entity.

What people perceive as what they need to do in order to just be able to escape from the horrific reality that exists on their planet and just survive another day, is used as a tool to addict them. From there it can easily be used to insert beliefs into their minds, to control what they think about things, how they see the world and ultimately their behaviour.