Which Tristan Harris video clip would you show to a group of public sector leaders?

`I have the opportunity to share a few minutes of one of Tristan Harris’ talks with a group of public sector leaders, and I want to use a segment that helps explain what is happening with the design and business model for social media and how it’s driving polarization through the “race to the bottom of the brainstem.” I’m watching various videos and am not sure which one makes that particular point the best and most succinctly - that is, that outrage and fear are better at sustaining engagement than happiness and laughter, and so social media sites tend to show you those videos and posts that they know will make you irritated, mad or scared. I thought this was in his TED talk, but I’m not finding the segment I was thinking of - does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your thoughts - this is a great opportunity to raise awareness of humane tech issues with leaders from across the country.

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From 4:50 to 6:47 of his first TED video.

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SUPER helpful - that is exactly what I was looking for- thanks!


You’re welcome, let us know how the meeting went!